Cractpot Schedule

Well, it appears that I somehow missed September.  In my defense, over here in my neck of the woods, it didn’t really feel like September at all.  The temperatures were in the 30’s with a humidity level that had my hair all confused trying to decide whether it was channelling Hermoine or Hagrid. Still, despite the weather,… Continue reading Cractpot Schedule

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Cractpot Cereal

Once, when I was in Walmart, a cereal aisle disappeared on me.  I was at the register and the cereal that I was planning on purchasing rang up more expensive than I anticipated.  I politely mentioned to the cashier that the scanner hadn’t registered the sale price and she retorted that it wasn’t on sale. Now… Continue reading Cractpot Cereal


Captain CracTpot

My husband and son are into superhero movies.  We have watched them all.  Due to how emotionally invested I become with someone else’s reality (even if that someone else is a fictional character)  I am rather restricted with what I am able to watch.  It can’t be too sad, it can’t be too scary, the message should be… Continue reading Captain CracTpot