A Thanksgiving Story

Well, another Thanksgiving has come and gone in a flurry of activity; running around finishing all the different odd jobs we had procrastinated on over the summer, preparing our house for guests.   For 17 years, Thanksgiving weekend has been a big deal in the Cractpot household. For 17 years we have gathered all the… Continue reading A Thanksgiving Story


Cractpot Schedule

Well, it appears that I somehow missed September.  In my defense, over here in my neck of the woods, it didn’t really feel like September at all.  The temperatures were in the 30’s with a humidity level that had my hair all confused trying to decide whether it was channelling Hermoine or Hagrid. Still, despite the weather,… Continue reading Cractpot Schedule


Comparing Fractions with Cractpots

I just spent 3 hours comparing fractions with like and unlike denominators.  To be perfectly clear, I suppose I should explain that despite the accusations of my son’s grade 6 teacher last year, I do understand the importance of allowing your child to do their own work.  However, I also see the value of a well placed,… Continue reading Comparing Fractions with Cractpots


Cractpot Check In

We’ve reached the halfway point check in for the summer and let me tell you, things do not look good for the Cractpots.  The players knew that the coming season was going to bring a few challenges; the oldest Cractpot had landed herself a volunteer role in a professional theatre company. Middle Cractpot was focused on making the… Continue reading Cractpot Check In


Universal Cractpot

Well, this blog has always been about picking yourself up after failure and trying again, and last week, that is exactly what the Cractpots did.  Earlier in the year we travelled to Punta Cana for a much needed holiday that turned out to be not quite the much needed holiday we were looking for.  (read about that fiasco here… Continue reading Universal Cractpot


Cringe worthy Cractpot

I’ve noticed that there are some blogs that start their posts with a disclaimer.  A warning of sorts so that unsuspecting readers don’t stumble upon something that offends them.  I’m wondering if I need to start doing this.  A little note that explains that things are not always as they seem.Even when I try parenting ‘properly’… Continue reading Cringe worthy Cractpot

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Cractpot Says

There are certain things that you assure yourself you will never do when you first become a parent.  I swore I would never answer my kid’s questions by saying, “because I said so“. As a curious and sometimes contrary  kid,  this was the go to response to the constant barrage of rebuttals I launched at my parents.   To a young… Continue reading Cractpot Says