Up or Down Cractpots?

Long before Donald Trump introduced the term ‘fake news’ into our collective vocabulary, the internet was no stranger to shining a spotlight on just one part of the story and letting the rest of the world explode under the pressure to choose sides.  Several years ago, #Dressgate captured the attention of our friends and our celebrities alike, as social media platforms… Continue reading Up or Down Cractpots?


T-Strap Sandals and New Year Resolutions

My sense of direction equals that of a firecracker… possibly because my internal navigational system is perpetually set to lead me to any shoe rack in a 10 mile radius. Luckily, as Marilyn Monroe said, “Give a girl the right shoes and she’ll conquer the world.”  I’m just on a mission to find them. I… Continue reading T-Strap Sandals and New Year Resolutions