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Cractpot Says

There are certain things that you assure yourself you will never do when you first become a parent.  I swore I would never answer my kid’s questions by saying, “because I said so“. As a curious and sometimes contrary  kid,  this was the go to response to the constant barrage of rebuttals I launched at my parents.   To a young… Continue reading Cractpot Says


Teenage Cractpot

Last week was March Break and let me tell you, it is one of my favourite times of the year.  If you take into consideration that the school holiday happens to be one of the more expensive times to travel and add that to the fact that it’s a highly valued time to request off work due to it’s popularity, you can understand… Continue reading Teenage Cractpot


My Brew-tiful Valentine

T’was the weekend before Valentine’s Day, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring…but they were busy cutting, colouring and gluing over 50 homemade Valentines. Every year, after the insane rush of the holiday season, the CracTpot household starts to gets a little cocky with so much time on our hands, but luckily, February…


Top Hats and Tails

Welcome to the holiday edition of CracTpot. Happy February 2nd… otherwise known as Groundhog’s Day.  While some of you might feel I’m stretching the definition of ‘holiday’, others, understanding my fetish with formal wear, have already guessed that if I put on my wedding dress to have tea parties with my daughters, I’m definitely going to celebrate…


Cractpot Congress

One of the objectives of this blog was to dress failure up in a little humour and invite her to tea.  A reminder that if at first we don’t succeed, write a blog post about it and try again.  A safe place to admit you made mistake and share a few laughs before getting back to the business of making the… Continue reading Cractpot Congress