[krak-pot]  Informal.


  1. a person who is eccentric, unrealistic, or fanatical.

While the above definition could almost stand alone, I believe I add a little of my own personal flavour to the pot.  Unfortunately I’m not 100% clear what that flavour is.

Many struggle with the age-old question ‘Who am I’ and because I married and started my family pretty young and matured a little late,  I don’t think I quite finished steeping before I arrived at the table.  Families however need a leader and in lieu of no one more experienced, they got  me.  Primarily I think of myself as a mother, although what type depends on which of my three kids you’re speaking to.  My teenage daughter thinks I’m crazy.  You can often catch her looking over her shoulder to ensure there are no witnesses to my particular brand of parenting that she assures me she loves but prefers to keep secret.  My middle daughter helps keep me organized enough that I try to be Martha Stewart with much less successful results.  My 9 year old son keeps me laughing and still believes that everything I do is perfect, which for a girl like me is hard to come by.   Sometimes I’m a wife,  but not nearly enough and my husband is as laid back as I am high-strung.  I work as a waitress, volunteer as an animal foster parent  and  play pretend with the best of them.  I’ve started this adventure to balance out the perfection of social media. To take failure, dress her up with a little humour, bring her out of the shadows and invite her to tea.  This blog is a sort of imaginary friend, but hopefully someday someone will read it and join the party and our topics of conversation will expand to cover not only my interests but yours as well.  Until then I chatter away about whatever is chasing its tail in my head with my very own cracTpot flavour.

 Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage. ~Catherine Douzel



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  1. Hi,
    You liked one of my posts about my Write to Heal movement (such as the one below):

    If you find comfort through writing, please let me know if you’d be interested in a quick Q&A interview that would link to your blog(s).

    Thank you, and continue to Write To Heal! Let’s connect and continue to find peace and healing in self expression.


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  2. Hi, I have enjoyed reading some of your posts. And I really like this words of yours – “To take failure, dress her up with a little humour, bring her out of the shadows and invite her to tea.” You made me laugh with those ‘cos I understand your standpoint and I like the positivity in tackling it. Thanks alot for sharing. Warm regards from blogging 101. 🙂

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  3. I am so glad I stumbled my way here from the WP commenting bootcamp. Love your blog and love the writing even more. ” I don’t think I quite finished steeping before I arrived at the table”. Don’t we all have one of those days? 🙂


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