Top Hats and Tails

It’s going to be an early spring!!! After originally writing this post I heard rumours there might actually be a Peterborough groundhog but they have not been confirmed. I can tell you he/she is probably not as cute as Peterborough Piggy, the little Shih Tzu who wiggled into our hearts and became our first foster fail and an official cractpot. Happy Groundhog day to you all!

Welcome to the holiday edition of CracTpot.

Happy February 2nd… otherwise known as Groundhog’s Day. 

While some of you might feel I’m stretching the definition of ‘holiday’, others, understanding my fetish with formal wear, have already guessed that if I put on my wedding dress to have tea parties with my daughters, I’m definitely going to celebrate with small furry creatures in top hats.

img017 CracTpot’s from way back

Life can be monotonous and hard, why on earth waste an opportunity arguing the legitimacy of a holiday or whether it has gotten too commercialized, when we could just get dressed up and celebrate it?

Here in Canada, the history of this particular holiday, very much encapsulates the CracTpot philosophy. It started in 1956 when Mac McKenzie, obviously a cracTpot at heart, was looking for an excuse to throw a party.  Invitations were sent and one ended up on the desk of a Toronto Star…

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