Cractpot Congress

One of the objectives of this blog was to dress failure up in a little humour and invite her to tea.  A reminder that if at first we don’t succeed, write a blog post about it and try again.  A safe place to admit you made mistake and share a few laughs before getting back to the business of making the… Continue reading Cractpot Congress


Cractpot Challenges

So depending on which experts you talk to, today might, or might not be, Blue Monday.  It is the third Monday of January and according to a part time tutor connected to Cardiff University and his fancy looking math equation, is considered to be the most depressing day of the year.  Other mathematicians claim this is pseudoscience but… Continue reading Cractpot Challenges

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The Rule of T

Well, the kids have started back to school which officially marks the end of the Christmas season.  For me, today signals the start of 2017, so in the quiet of an empty house it’s fitting that I should take some time to reflect.  Perhaps not to make resolutions per se, but to assess the past in order to… Continue reading The Rule of T