Halloween Hot Seat

Reblogging the first thing I ever wrote just in time to repeat history. I’m proud to say that we have made progress with our training…unfortunately the improvements are more in the strength training department than obedience. After blocking doors with chairs reinforced with varying items increasing in weight, we feel confident that if there is ever an ironman for dogs, we have a solid shot.

Following Halloween, social media was flooded with videos of children tricked into believing that while they were sleeping their trusted parents had gorged themselves on ALL of their hard-earned candy.  Thank you Jimmy Kimmel.   I like a good laugh as much as the next , but this goes against one of my cardinal rules.  Do not lie-  Not even on little things- because there will be a time you need me to believe you when thousands wouldn’t, and that has to be earned.

Case in point.

Following Halloween, the bickering between my children reached a level that began to interfere with my Jimmy Kimmel video watching time until I finally felt I had to get up and referee.   My incredibly organized and apparently slightly suspicious middle child decided this year to create a complete inventory of her Halloween candy.  Thanks to her meticulous record keeping, she had absolute proof that within…

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