Procrastinating Cractpot

I know in the age of instant social media notifications it might be a little gauche to post about Halloween in November, but I was too busy experiencing it to post about it sooner, so I’m doing it now.  Although I found myself dragging my feet a little bit in the decoration department I pulled it together at the last minute and got everything covered in cobwebs and sufficiently spooky looking.  We have cut outs of bats for the walls and rats for the stairs but I got tired of fiddling with pieces of tape to attach them, so this year I decided to work with spray adhesive to make the whole process easier. 



For the record, I should NEVER be allowed to use spray adhesive. 

I was stuck to the bats, and stuck to the can of adhesive and when I tried to google how to get spray adhesive off, I was momentarily stuck to my keyboard.  

The answer is nail polish remover people.  Don’t say I never teach you anything.

 The results of the Halloween Jack (o’lantern Carve) Off lined the stairs and the porch, lighting the way for trick or treater’s of all ages, and on the following day were traipsed down to Rotary Trail to take part in the Pumpkin Parade. 

And the winner is…everyone!

The Pumpkin Parade is a fabulous initiative to extend a holiday that too quickly gets put to bed in favour of coloured lights and tinsel and an opportunity to display the community’s creativity and art work for those of us stuck on door duty handing out candy the night before.  The weather was lovely, the candy was plentiful and all in all,  Halloween was a great success.


And this is all I’ve got people. 

The above is the blasé result of approximately 3 hours of work (minus at least 100 starting sentences that were written and deleted ad nauseum for the first hour)  When I complained to my husband that I had been trying unsuccessfully to write something for the entire morning, he tried to be helpful by suggesting topics.  Halloween?  The Pumpkin Parade?  I sighed dramatically and explained that I had tried all of those but nothing seemed to spark my imagination.  Everything just felt flat.  He then suggested I run with the flatness and  offered stale pop, burst tires or old people ‘s butts for my consideration.  He explained that old people always have flat butt’s which resulted in approximately 20 minutes of posing at different angles and staring in the full length  mirror acknowledging that I could probably use a few more lunges in my life.  Closer examination proved that the mirrors could all use a good clean as well, but after retrieving the cleaner and moving from glass surface to glass surface, all the way back up to my starting point, I had to face the fact that while I had removed quite a few fingerprints, Windex does nothing for dark smudges under your eyes.

I spent another 20 minutes digging deep into the bottom of my makeup bag to see what kind of optical illusions I could perform with a little highlighting and contouring.  Unfortunately I was a little too late to try out for Rocky Horror Picture show

Who doesn’t love a little red lipstick ?

so I jumped in the shower and started fresh before comforting myself with a cup of tea and cookies.    Now if you give a Cractpot a cookie she’s going to enjoy them in the big comfy chair by the window, and staring out into the yard revealed an absolutely gorgeous day and a little left over garden work that needed to get done before the weather decided to give us the cold shoulder.  I raked some leaves, cut back some gardens and put away furniture all the while chasing the little furball out of every pile of dirt she could find13895137_10157287559300215_3150569152039566751_n I was left no choice but to wrestle her inside and give her a quick bath and a much longer blow dry and then cuddles to make up for the horror of grooming before cleaning up the laundry room and vacuuming up all the dog hair and the rest of the main floor while I was at it.  Suddenly it was 3 o’clock and the kids would be coming through the door in no time and I still only had 200 or so boring words written about Halloween.


It’s funny, when I started this blog a year ago it was because I wanted to do something meaningful.  I just couldn’t find the motivation to clean one more thing that would inevitably get dirty again and I was just itching for something exciting to talk about that didn’t involve vacuuming to prove to myself that my brain hadn’t completely dissolved from all the detergent fumes. 

Today I couldn’t bring myself to be clever if I tried, but I can’t help but smile at my clean house, my tidy garden and beautiful little dog and think, well at least I got something meaningful done today. 

I guess the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.  Lucky for me, I have no problems jumping a few fences under the right circumstances.  If you are sick of cleaning, put down your scouring pad and create something that makes you happy.   If the pressure of being creative gets overwhelming, close the computer and tackle that pile of laundry that’s been making you crazy. Either way, you’re moving forward, who cares if it’s a little zig zagged. 

I’ll be here cheering you on because I figure jumping around with pom pom’s has got to be good for the glutes and a lot more fun than lunges.  So those are my words of wisdom for the week … oh and the nail polish remover trick for spray adhesive…

Remember them

You never know when you might need them. 


Begin doing what you want to do now. We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand, and melting like a snowflake. ~Marie Ray



4 thoughts on “Procrastinating Cractpot

  1. Oh love the decorations!! I too should never be allowed near spray adhesive haha! Glad for the tip about nail polisb remover though!

    And your poor puppy! Mine fights whenever he has to have a bath too. And gives the same look!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks! I am very happy to be home 🙂 and yes! Please post a picture of her all dry!! She looks like a shitzu, I have one too and he rocks the “drowned rat” look very well haha


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