Cractpot Celebrations

Up here, north of the border, Canadians everywhere are enjoying a short work week after celebrating Thanksgiving on Monday.  With fall foliage lighting up our horizons and backyard fires and mulled apple cider chasing cool nights, I am reminded over and over again how lucky I am and how much I have to be thankful for.  A lovely family, a beautiful house and a job that I enjoy; that conveniently helps pay for all the unexpected expenses that lovely families and beautiful houses incur. 

We are almost finished the impromptu staircase renovation that began on the last long weekend in September. I impulsively decided to pull off all of the carpet on two flights of stairs and a landing before promptly losing interest when I realized that contractors use on average, approximately 100 million staples to affix under padding to builder grade treads and risers. 

Stay tuned for before and after shots


Luckily I was scheduled to work that evening and unable to witness Mr. Cractpot’s reaction to the demolition site, but was later told that the little Cractpot’s covered for me by claiming a burglary had occurred and convinced him to be grateful that the stair’s carpet was the only casualty. 

They are growing up to be so helpful and not just in covering up my discretions when it comes to home improvement.

Everyone was involved in preparing our annual Thanksgiving meal.  The oldest was making the stuffing, the middle child worked on the pumpkin pie and the youngest helped by shredding apples, carrots and cabbage for the coleslaw.  The sun was shining, the music was blasting and as usual, the day was filled with giggling and awkward moments because it wouldn’t be a Cractpot holiday without them. 

When it came time to stuff the bird, the oldest tried grabbing at handfuls of dressing while simultaneously struggling to manipulate the 27 pound bird into cooperating. mrbean I, the ever helpful mother attempted to bestow wisdom by injecting what I felt were key words into the process.  Make balls of stuffing and place them deep into the turkey’s cavity.  The Coles note version that I offered my beautiful 16 year old was “Balls deep”

It took the clanging of the mixing spoon hitting the floor, dropped by my flustered husband, for my brain to catch up with what my mouth had just sputtered.  This was not the first time what I had meant to say and what I actually said was somehow lost in translation. 

Working in a busy restaurant means you are always thinking about at least four tables at once and keeping things straight is paramount to success.  Note taking and repetition is a great way to ensure each customer gets exactly what they ordered.  When a large group started collectively shouting out appetizers, I jotted them down in short form and then repeated them to make sure I got everything right.  They ordered bacon wrapped scallops,  crab stuffed mushrooms and 2 shrimp cocktails and I read back exactly what I had written down to confirm; “Scallops, mushrooms and 2 shrimp cocks coming right up” 

The customer was nice enough to explain that they would prefer the ENTIRE shrimp unless they were very well hung and I had to stop and look at them for a minute before I realized what I had said. Luckily no one was offended and we all burst into laughter but I abstained from making eye contact for the rest of the meal to avoid collapsing into a giggling fit.

Apparently having the brain work faster than the mouth can keep up is a hereditary trait.  Each year as a commitment to celebrating and spending as much time with our family as possible, we organize an Annual Jack-o-Lantern Carve off as the closing ceremonies of October.  Everyone spends the weeks leading up to the event choosing pumpkins and mulling over templates before raising their carving tools and chiselling out their Halloween masterpiece while gorging on roasted pumpkin seeds. 

last year’s entries


This year my mother asked when we were looking to hold the Annual Jack Off.  My poor husband spit out his beer before announcing that although he was all for family time this was one event we might want to have in private. 

During a time where the world seems preoccupied with locker room talk I am grateful to be surrounded with people who know that when we talk about going balls deep, shrimp cocks and jack-off competitions it’s not boys being boys but it might just be Cractpots being cractpots. 

Lastly I am grateful to all of you.  Thank you for reading my blog and catching up on my crazy Cractpot life and connecting with me through your comments.  There is so much to celebrate in the fall, and I wish you all the joy and laughter you can squeeze into the next few weeks. 

Happy October, my lovelies!  


life should not only be lived it should be celebrated~Osho



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