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Cractpot Cereal

Once, when I was in Walmart, a cereal aisle disappeared on me.  I was at the register and the cereal that I was planning on purchasing rang up more expensive than I anticipated.  I politely mentioned to the cashier that the scanner hadn’t registered the sale price and she retorted that it wasn’t on sale. Now… Continue reading Cractpot Cereal


Cractpot Celebrations

Up here, north of the border, Canadians everywhere are enjoying a short work week after celebrating Thanksgiving on Monday.  With fall foliage lighting up our horizons and backyard fires and mulled apple cider chasing cool nights, I am reminded over and over again how lucky I am and how much I have to be thankful for.  A lovely… Continue reading Cractpot Celebrations


Politically Correct Cractpot

Time seems to be flying by at an unprecedented pace.  I suspect there might be some sort of alien abduction to blame.  One minute it’s the beginning of September, and then I wake up this morning and somehow it’s the beginning of October.  Even though I seem to be moving faster than ever, I just can’t keep ahead… Continue reading Politically Correct Cractpot