My Brew-tiful Valentine

T’was the weekend before Valentine’s Day, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring…but they were busy cutting, colouring and gluing over 50 homemade Valentines. Every year, after the insane rush of the holiday season, the CracTpot household starts to gets a little cocky with so much time on our hands, but luckily, February… Continue reading My Brew-tiful Valentine


Writing To Heal: Cractpot

Originally posted on Drem:
Cractpot is from Ontario, Canada. She’s a 39 year old mother of three and runs Cractpot.Wordpress. She also suffers from endometriosis, an illness that makes the uterine tissue grow outside of the uterus. It can be extremely painful, cause infertility issues and more (I actually have endometriosis too!). Now she’s… Writing…


Top Hats and Tails

Welcome to the holiday edition of CracTpot. Happy February 2nd… otherwise known as Groundhog’s Day.  While some of you might feel I’m stretching the definition of ‘holiday’, others, understanding my fetish with formal wear, have already guessed that if I put on my wedding dress to have tea parties with my daughters, I’m definitely going to celebrate… Continue reading Top Hats and Tails