That’s a Really Big T-Cup


“A Champion needs a motivation above and beyond winning”* and that, my lovlies, would be YOU (and the opportunity to wear an evening gown because I’m not kidding people, I’ve got a closet full of them, and a schedule short of award ceremonies!) 

I would like to thank Timelesswheel, whose support has warmed my heart and made waking up to a household of people, apparently under the delusion that they are living with a morning person, a little easier.  Knowing that there is someone out there that does not just see in me ‘the finder of things’ and ‘maker of lunch’, makes mornings more bearable (Note to husband; please don’t misunderstand, while the mornings might have improved, I still need at least 2 cups of caffeine to be bearable.  Consider yourself warned)

More importantly, for a girl who’s always looking to score a laugh, I am so excited to use this opportunity to introduce you to some of my dealer’s. 

 Pairs well With a modern day grab bag for the soul

Whining and wining – A blog for moms that need a little laughter and wine at the end of the day..or the middle, whatever.

My Husband and I –  just two guys living in London, trying to make it, make out, and be happy.

The Great Unwashed – her granddad says “the things that come out of your mouth are unexpected”  but make perfect sense to me.  (which probably doesn’t mean much coming from a cracTpot )

Once Upon Your Prime – Where you live happily ever laughter

The rules for this award are as follows:

Post the award logo on your blog with the hashtag #CHAMPIONSAWARDS

Acknowledge the sponsor of the award

Nominate no less than 5 nominees and notify them of the award

Keep it simple, no need for explanations of the award, we know how great these bloggers are


Keep in mind, anyone that knows me knows that rules are more suggestions to be respectfully considered.  I truly believe my youngest struggled with reading due to the fact that when we would go hiking and he would ask what the “No Trespassing Sign” read, I would reply , “Be Quiet but Continue Exploring”   

This is not some multi level marketing scheme and even if it was, I honestly don’t care if you buy 7 different types of plastic storage solutions or if you only come for the wine and cheese.  I’m just glad for an excuse to throw a party. (how does everyone feel about a black tie theme?)   

So, come to the table and take what you need.  We’ve got laughter, inspiration and a whole lot of distraction or…just come for the tea.

Many thanks


*quote by Pat Riley




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