T-Strap Sandals and New Year Resolutions

My sense of direction equals that of a firecracker… possibly because my internal navigational system is perpetually set to lead me to any shoe rack in a 10 mile radius. Luckily, as Marilyn Monroe said, “Give a girl the right shoes and she’ll conquer the world.”  I’m just on a mission to find them.

I constantly try convincing my husband that investing in footwear is actually economical.  An entire outfit can be updated with just one new pair of sale rack Nine West’s. afe5ed66e2a9cc26d4820864f035fc30Think of the hundreds of dollars of therapy saved because no woman ever has looked over her shoulder to ask, “do these sling back stiletto’s make me look fat?”  Somehow, things just seems a little more manageable looking down from four inches of animal print suede and you can’t put a price tag on that kind of confidence.

However, as Cinderella can attest, it’s easy to make rash decisions when it appears to be a perfect fit. Funny how something can be so comfortable standing in the clearance aisle of a department store and yet so agonizing after only a few hours of trying to live your life in them.tumblr_m8ytb41Awr1rqw680o1_500

Welcome to Resolutions of New Years Past.

Still I love the allure of a New Year and a New Me. All those pesky changes I’ve been too busy to implement seem suddenly attainable in the pristine whiteness of a new calendar  (especially after the crazy over scheduling of Christmas).  However, even the sweetest of deals can rub the wrong way and leave you raw, until you end up simply shoving them to the back of your closet, never to be seen again.

My middle daughter decided to start her 2016 with a list of resolutions.  In typical middle child fashion, it was 2 ½ pages long.  I felt an intervention was needed so I sat her down and shared my simple philosophy for successful resolution planning.

  • Make sure you can afford them

While I would love to own a pair of Manolo Blahnik’s, let’s face it, I’m a mother of three and a waitress;  desire might be the starting point of all achievement,  but no matter how good I am all year, Santa has his limits.  As do I.  New Year’s resolutions that include waking up early or tax an already tight schedule are not going to make the budget.  Mornings are hectic.  I work late, and need to get everyone going early.  We barely make it out the door with everyone fed and dressed as it is.  While taking 20 minutes each morning to write in my dream journal might inspire more creativity, 20 extra minutes of actually dreaming will absolutely increase contentment.db7db4c5651365394b3e5dc2904f0e44

  • Start Small

Although some women feel the higher the heel, the closer to heaven, I try not to fool myself into thinking that I can keep up with kids and chase after dogs in heels higher than four inches. d5f2ff8a793baadaab5a5cc67eb726b8

The same applies with resolutions.  While I cannot convert my family to vegetarianism, I might be able to add Meatless Monday’s to the Menu.  And when I say Meatless Mondays, I mean maybe one Monday a month… but only if it’s a full moon.

On second thought, if I get one in, I’m going to call that a win.

  • Pace Yourself

This one is about quality not quantity. I understand the urge to shop till you drop, but blowing your entire paycheck in one ‘lifestyles of the rich and famous’ sort of shopping spree isn’t the secret to sound decision making. Slow down and smell the Italian leather.  Make sure you take time to evaluate your resolutions and how they fit.  And don’t forget, everything does not need to be accomplished in January.  There are 11 more months of the year and the Spring Line is just around the corner.

  • Make sure you love them

This one is so important that I’ll say it again. Make sure you love them. My husband is constantly using words like arch support and cushioning *cringe* but if a pair of shoes are hideous, they’re not going to make it into the rotation.  Life is too short to wear ugly shoes.  Similarly, I don’t care how good aerobic activity is for your heart. I hate doing it.  HATE IT.  While I can manage intensifying my activity level by increasing the length of my walks, I am never going to be a runner.  In fact, if you ever see me running I suggest you start running too, because something is chasing me and it’s scarier than the thought of being out of breath and sweaty.  The only time I want to be sweating is when I’m dancing or when I’m…well, let’s just leave it at dancing.  I understand the need to own a hot pink pair of kitten heels with my monochromatic dress code might seem impractical.  But so might writing a blog.  But I love it so I’m buying in.  Make sure you do too.


My middle child loves making lists and she doesn’t just have an A type personality; it’s more of an A+. So she kissed my cheek and told me that we could go shoe shopping just as soon as she configured a chart version of her resolutions to laminate and put on her wall.  It’s a wonderful thing when parent and child understand each other.

Regardless of whether you have pages of resolutions or resolve not to make any, be gentle to each other in 2016. We’re all struggling to get where we’re going and as I said earlier, some of us have a better sense of direction than others. Good judgement comes from experience and a lot of that, comes from bad judgment, so try and fail, but don’t ever fail to try.

Jim Powers said, “If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up”.  I find a cup of tea helps.  So whether you have success to share or a failure to learn from, come, sit down beside me.  The kettle is on and I’ll pour us a cuppa



Before you criticize a man, walk a mile in his shoes. That way, when you do criticize him, you’ll be a mile away and have his shoes ~ Steve Martin     


One thought on “T-Strap Sandals and New Year Resolutions

  1. What an enlightening post! I don’t have a shoe fetish but I do appreciate the message you conveyed in this article. I haven’t heard of that quote before but I love it: “The first step to making your dreams come true is to wake up.” That is awesome. 🙂


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